2023-2024 Back-to-School Information

2023-2024 Back-to-School Information
Posted on 08/22/2023
Back to School

Welcome back!

View the Quincy Public Schools Back-to-School Guide for the school calendar, supply lists, transportation forms, and all other items related to QPS.

Lincoln Hancock Website
Check out our LH website! This year, we will be posting all our Parent Newsletters and Updates to the website to keep everything in one place.

Classroom Assignments
Classroom Assignments will be released on ASPEN on August 30th! Please see the district's Introduction to Aspen to learn how to view your student's classroom assignment.

Thanks to our partnership with Cradles to Crayons, every student will be receiving a backpack on September 7th for grades 1-4 and September 11th for our Kindergarteners. While we know most students love to pick out their own backpacks, it is always handy to have an extra just in case! Thank you Cradles to Crayons!

LH Updates
There has been a lot of work happening here at Lincoln Hancock! We have built an additional classroom on our 3rd floor as well as a new English Learner Classroom on our 1st floor. The city has been working on the Granite Street Entrance and we are so grateful for all our Quincy Employees who have helped to ensure that we are ready for the school year!

Save the Date!
Lincoln's annual TOUCH A TRUCK is on September 23, 11-3:00pm. More information to come!

Arrival Procedures

  • Students can arrive between 7:30-7:45. *Staff Supervision outside begins at 7:35.

  • All students should stand in their lines once they arrive.

  • The Water Street Driveway is curbside rolling drop-off: Students should exit the car on the right side. Parents and guardians are asked to stay in their car. Parking is not permitted in the circle.

  • Granite Street: This door is only used for our transportation students. Please do not drop your child at the Granite Street entrance in the mornings.

Dismissal Procedures

  • Students will exit the building at 2:00pm (11:25 on Wednesdays)

  • Students in grades K-1 will be dismissed through the cafeteria doors

  • Students in grades 2-4 will be dismissed through Water Street doors.

  • Kindergarten teachers dismiss at 1:50 (11:15 on Wednesdays) at the cafeteria doors to help with the flow of traffic.

  • At 2:05, any student who has not been picked up will be brought to the main office and will need to be signed out up in the office.

  • If dismissing your student early from school, please email your student’s teacher, send in a note, or call the main office

  • All early dismissals will go through the main office

  • *If your child has permission to walk home or is going home with someone new, please send in a WRITTEN LETTER to the teacher. No child will be permitted to leave without confirmation from their guardians.

Breakfast, Snack, Lunch


  • Breakfast is free to all students

  • Breakfast will be served this year in the cafeteria between 7:15-7:40. Due to the safety and security of our buildings, this breakfast is for our students only. No parents or guardians are permitted in the caf during this time.

  • All students who are dropped off between 7:15-7:30 must report to the cafeteria to ensure that there is adult supervision.

  • Bus students will have an opportunity to receive breakfast once they arrive at school.


  • All classrooms will also have a brief snack period during the day.

  • Students are encouraged to bring a healthy, nut free snack from home each day. We will also be part of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) offering access to supplemental free fruit and vegetable snacks to students

  • We are an allergy aware school, so please remind your child that there is no sharing of any food while in school.


  • Lunch is free to all students. The monthly menu is posted at www.quincypublicschools.com

  • We encourage anyone with dietary restrictions to reach out to your teacher as soon as possible

  • If you prefer to bring lunch from home please be sure to label your child's lunch box/bag

  • Soda, caffeinated drinks (ie. PRIME), and fast food delivery are not permitted at school

  • Lunch will be served on all early release Wednesdays during the school day, typically during the children's "snack time" before dismissal. You are welcome to send your child with a snack or a lunch from home to eat during this time.


  • Please send a reusable water bottle with your child everyday

Attendance Information

  • Please call Lincoln Hancock by 8:00 AM if your child is going to be absent

  • If your child is absent and has been seen by a doctor please send a doctor’s note so that we can mark the absence as excused

  • Students who arrive AFTER 7:45 should check into the office and will be marked tardy

  • All students' attendance, tardies, and dismissals are tracked for the well-being of our students. If the absences or tardies become frequent, please know that we will be reaching out to work together to ensure that our students are able to here on time every day.

Supplies and Scheduling

  • All students will receive a backpack with supplies on September 7th. Thank you to Cradles to Crayons for providing all backpacks and supplies

  • Students are welcome to bring in additional school supplies if they prefer. Classroom donations of tissues and sanitizing wipes are always appreciated

  • Check out our webpage for suggested supplies for your child's classroom

  • Students will have recess time everyday

  • Students will have a 30 minute special each day. Specials are Physical Education, Art, Music, Computer and Library

  • Students' Schedules follow the mandated number of minutes for time on learning in each subject area. Please reach out to Ms. Loftus with any specific questions

  • To support our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) we use the following programs which will be highlighted at our first PTC Meeting: PBIS, Restorative Justice, Open Parachute