About Our School

Lincoln-Hancock Community SchoolLincoln-Hancock Community School was built in 1975, replacing the Lincoln and the Hancock Elementary Schools. Lincoln-Hancock is a community school which houses Kindergarten through Grade 4. The facility includes a full-size gym, a cafetorium, swimming pool and a media/computer center. The school is fully accessible to the physically challenged. The openness of the school encourages an openness of attitude and thought among both the students and teachers. Students and teachers are encouraged to share ideas as well as space. Lincoln-Hancock is a wonderful place to work, learn, and grow for all.

Message from the Principal of the Lincoln Hancock:

As the principal of the Lincoln-Hancock School, it is my pleasure to welcome you and your child to our community of learners.

The staff at Lincoln Hancock is proud to be working with the children of West Quincy. We strive to not only meet the academic needs of our students but to also prepare the next generation of citizens. Respect of self, others, and property, compassion, community service, and problem solving skills are all traits reinforced through daily interactions with our staff. We provide opportunities for growth in both the academic realm and the personal. Therefore our mission in working with children from a diverse community is to help our students recognize and exercise their individual talents, explore opportunities to discover new talents, live up to the fundamental tenets of a democratic society, and to give each child the tools necessary for success both now and in the future. The staff and children consider ourselves the PRIDE of Lincoln Hancock, a team who help one another out. Each letter in the word PRIDE stands for a characteristic: P for perseverance, R for respect, I for integrity, D for dependable and finally, E for effort. The children strive to live up to the tenet of PRIDE and are recognized on a daily basis for positive behavior and actions. Lincoln Hancock is a wonderful place to learn and grow and I invite you to join our students, staff, parents, and community partners in our endeavor.

Principal: Janet Loftus,  617-984-8715

Assistant Principal: Kristen Dwyer,617-984-8715


Elementary School is an important first step in your child's education. Quincy Public Schools are there from the first time your kindergartner picks out a book at the school library to the first grader having success in math to upper grades where students take their basis of knowledge and expand it to more advanced thinking.


Lincoln-Hancock Community School serves the needs of our students - and our community - with an array of programs. Depending on funding and identified needs of our students, our school offers specific programs to help our students achieve their very best. We are also home to the Homeless Coordinator for the City of Quincy Public Schools.

Academic Programs:

  • Summer Success

Enrichment Programs:

Lincoln-Hancock offers the Quincy Public Schools after-school activities program which provides extended day enrichment programs for selected students. These include but are not limited to:

  • Show Bizkids

  • Yo Yoga

  • Science Club

  • Spanish Club

  • Amazing Art